Upcoming Projects


The Foundation will soon establish a technology-focused public education center in Rawabi that aims to increase IT literacy and encourage reading, writing and private study. The center will offer public access to computers equipped with the latest software, featuring educational courses for adults and children in a range of subjects, including computer literacy and languages. The center will also host a public library allowing residents and visitors to Rawabi to read a wide range of Palestinian and international books for free. Many local and international libraries and centers have already begun donating books.


The Center will run after-school programs to support working mothers. Programs include a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) club that will further the learning of STEM subjects. There is a growing global demand for STEM experts which is reflected in an increase in support for STEM education from governments around the world. The STEM club will prepare young people for the changing labor market and in turn, reduce the rate of unemployment. In addition to the STEM club, the center will also host book clubs, professional support programs and a weekly read-aloud story hour for children.

The botanical gardens will educate visitors about environmental conservation and will host a large collection of plants including rare species from around the world. The garden will also include a greenhouse. It will be a place for people to learn about plants, and a calming space for visitors to enjoy Rawabi’s unique surroundings.

Rawabi’s petting zoo will host a collection of animals for people to touch and feed. These animals will include goats, rabbits, lambs, ponies, peacocks, guinea pigs, and donkeys. The petting zoo aims to educate young children about different species of animals. Facilities include a fully-equipped veterinary clinic which will provide comprehensive care to the animals in the zoo and to the pets of residents and local communities