Rawabi Foundation

Rawabi Foundation is a non-profit organization officially registered in Palestine and the US (501 (c) 3) that aims to encourage job creation, foster creativity and increases innovation by implementing a wide range of projects and programs.

The Foundation has a number of ongoing projects that are mainly based within Rawabi but are designed to make an impact beyond the city and reach the Palestinian people as a whole.

Our current focus is innovation, education and equal gender rights which we are pursuing via an Entrepreneurs Fellowship Program, which cultivates female entrepreneurship, a work-study program, that allows both international and Palestinian students to work in the city and an Innovation Museum for children that teaches critical thinking and problem-solving. 

Our projects cover four main themes: education, environment, culture, and community. Behind our initiatives is a strong commitment to promoting gender equality, healthy living, protection of the environment and improving opportunities for the underprivileged. Projects are funded by donations from founders, friends, and supporters of Rawabi.

The Rawabi Foundation supports programs that help to create an optimal environment for Palestinians to Live, Work and Grow, the three foundational pillars of the city’s vision.

Rawabi will ultimately become a bustling city home to more than 40,000 Palestinians. To that end, the Rawabi Foundation directs its efforts to projects promoting healthy work-life balance, community bonds and a vibrant cultural and social scene, all of which are integral to the quality of life.

As the city grows and assumes its position as a regional tech hub, hundreds of new permanent jobs will be added to the national economy. The Rawabi Foundation will seek to provide thoughtful stewardship and sustainable integration of the Rawabi local economy into the fabric of the community. 

The Rawabi Foundation is committed to the protection of Rawabi’s natural environment and its cultural diversity. We are also dedicated to ensuring that Rawabi is a safe, economically viable city that helps all Palestinians to flourish.