Current Projects


The Entrepreneurs Fellowship Program is designed to address the skills gap in those aged 18-30 who are looking to enter entrepreneurship, build startups and develop businesses in Palestine. The program comprises two four-month fellowship cycles for 40 participants per cycle. 


The first part of the program is a month of workshops and master classes on business skills and a range of subjects relating to entrepreneurship and the tech sector. The second component of the program is a three-month sponsored membership to CONNECT (see below). The purpose of this membership is to supplement and consolidate the training provided during the first month of the program. Fellows will be offered the opportunity to join a collaborative ecosystem of entrepreneurs and freelancers in a workspace that is fully equipped to support the development of new businesses

A shared workspace and community hub for Palestinian entrepreneurs and freelancers from the tech sector, CONNECT allows members to interact and collaborate with like-minded peers to foster creativity and innovation. CONNECT is located in the heart of Rawabi’s vibrant tech community and combines high-end IT infrastructure with shared and private workspaces, flexible leases, virtual office technologies, equipment, business guidance and networking opportunities.


The Foundation partners with Massar International on the Massarak Program, a pioneering work-study initiative offering internships to local and international university students. The program allows students to apply theoretical knowledge in a hands-on working environment, whilst learning valuable skills that can help with their future employment opportunities. Interns receive monthly stipends and are placed according to their field of study within Massar International’s network of 30+ subsidiaries. The program places a strong emphasis on equal gender opportunities.


             Massarak Local

Designed to specifically serve Palestinian university students and recent graduates. These young trainees bring energy and vitality to the workplace and in return are able to explore their chosen field under the guidance of seasoned professionals. Participating students also undertake specialized training courses to augment their learning experience.


Since its inception, more than 350 students and graduates have participated in the program, 60 percent of whom have been female. 70 percent of the interns are subsequently hired for permanent positions at companies within Massar International.


             Massarak International

Placing students pursuing advanced degrees from leading international universities within a Massar group company or affiliate for three months. The program is an opportunity for these companies to benefit from the assistance of highly qualified students specialized in various fields whilst giving international students the opportunity to work in a truly unique environment and learn more about Palestine.


The program has been running since 2013 and in that time it has hosted more than 100 students from leading universities including Harvard Business School, Harvard’s John F. Kennedy School of Government; Tufts University; Yale University; Georgetown University; Dartmouth’s Tuck School of Business; Cornell University; the University of Oxford; the University of Cambridge; King’s College London; and the London School of Economics.


Massarak International provides international interns with comfortable accommodations, a monthly stipend and reimburses travel costs to and from Palestine.

The Foundation has established an endowment to provide scholarships to high-achieving, underprivileged Palestinian students to offset tuition costs. Students from villages, towns and refugee camps throughout the West Bank and Gaza who would not otherwise have the opportunity to complete their studies are now able to matriculate to universities

As part of its bid to promote culture and knowledge sharing, the Foundation is hosting weekly public lectures in Rawabi. Topics that are covered include entrepreneurship, technology, marketing, social media, healing, arts, social justice, culture, music, science, and others. The sessions will be led by a different speaker, each an expert in their field and will be free to attend.

The Active Living Initiative is structured to support healthy lifestyles and promote well-being for all ages. The Foundation installed outdoor exercise equipment throughout the city of Rawabi; all are safe, weather-proof and free for public use. A program was launched which provided regular weekly exercise classes, including Zumba, yoga and pilates, each under the supervision of a certified trainer. Dabke, karate and ballet classes will also be available soon.


The Foundation is also working on establishing a sports center with an international standard basketball court. The multi-use court will be able to accommodate volleyball, hockey, tennis, soccer games, and other sports activities

The Palestine of our parents’ generation was lush with fruit orchards and blossoming trees - olive, oak, citrus, nut and evergreens covered the Palestinian landscape. Today, however, the natural beauty of the land is being lost to the ravages of war, neglect, construction and climate change.


As part of its support for conservation and protection of the environment, the Rawabi Foundation launched “Grow for a Greener Palestine”, a tree planting and community greening initiative, conceived to help restore Palestine’s natural forests and protect natural habitats. Thus far, the program has planted more than 10,000 trees with the support of philanthropists, students and community activists from all over the world.


You can support our tree planting initiative by buying a tree of your selection via this link:

  Yes! I want to GROW a tree in Palestine!

The Foundation and Qatra Water Resources Company are collaborating on an initiative to increase water conservation awareness and provide scarce water resources to schools in need. The project involves building rainwater harvesting cisterns at a school in Deir Sudan, a village that suffers from serious water shortages which are affecting the running of the school. 


As part of the project, the Foundation will work with Qatra to develop and run an educational curriculum on water conservation at the school in Deir Sudan and at Rawabi English Academy. Construction of a school garden in the village and a community garden in Rawabi, fed by surplus harvested rainwater, will contribute to the children’s education about the environment and the importance of conserving water

Rawabi is a multi-faith city, with residents celebrating a wide range of religious holidays including Christmas, New Year, Easter, Ramadan, Eid Al-Fiter and Eid Al-Adha. The city embraces the free practice of all religious traditions and extends its welcome to all faiths great and small, including the Palestinian Samaritan community

To promote cultural and social ties between Rawabi and the international community, the Rawabi Foundation is working to forge strong ties between Rawabi and cities around the world. City twinning is an effective means of meeting and connecting with people from different backgrounds and cultures.