Rawabi English Academy

Rawabi English Academy is the first Cambridge certified school in Palestine. At REA, pupils learn how to be leaders of their communities throughout the interactive, hands-on learning method adapted in every classroom. Pupils are taught in a way that makes them active learners, critical thinkers, and good communicators.



Rawabi English Academy provides an innovative education that will foster the independent thought necessary for your child to achieve and lead in today’s global community. Set against the rolling hills and olive groves of Rawabi city, the Rawabi English Academy is a purpose-built, modern school that provides students with an outstanding international education. Like the city itself, the Academy is a vibrant community offering a forward-looking and open environment alongside an education that is excellent yet affordable.


Our Mission

To create a world-class education for our students who will learn through the innovative teaching which blends the very best of Palestinian, International, and English education.

Our students will become intellectually independent, learn tolerance and respect for others and develop leadership skills that will equip them to work in a global community.

Our school seeks the excellence in all of us, with passion and compassion. We are a community shaped by the pursuit of truth and goodness, providing outstanding preparation for higher learning and for life.


Our values:

The school has 5 core values which will guide its development towards the establishment of an international school in the global community.

  1. Excellence: We do our best and have high standards for our work. We are always looking to improve.

  2. Confidence: Knowing we are valued because of who we are. We expect success when we face challenges.

  3. Creativity: Finding new ways of solving problems and being brave enough to try these new ideas.

  4. Respect: Everyone is treated fairly and given opportunities no matter their differences. We celebrate diversity.

  5. Co-operation: Each person brings their skills to the team so we can work together to achieve our goals.

Each of these values is embedded in the daily life of the schools, providing direction to the development of individual education. In this fashion, the whole child is prepared to manage self, manage relationships and manage their own learning, work and performance.

The school is at the forefront of teaching KG – Y6 blending state of the art technology with sound pedagogy leading to active learning and pupil participation in the learning process.  

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