Rawabi Extreme, situated in the WaDina sports and recreations, features an exciting lineup of fun-filled adventure for the entire family found nowhere else in Palestine. Our sporting and challenge activities feature the most technologically advanced equipment available, installed under the supervision of international experts and rigorously maintained to ensure the highest standards of safety. 

Visitors to Rawabi know that the city has a special place zoned exclusively for ADVENTURE! Rawabi Extreme is an outdoor activities area guaranteed to max out your daily fun quotient, offering endless excitement and the chance to challenge yourself to do something a bit outside of your comfort zone.

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Experience the stunning Palestinian countryside on an off-road vehicle! Safari offers guided ATV trail rides over rough and rugged terrain with beautiful views. We offer several different ATV models; 3 and 4 wheelers and single and double passenger. All single ATV drivers must be of legal driving age and present a valid driver's license.


Rawabi rents electric all-terrain vehicles for guided tours as well as mountain bikes for off-road cycling on designated tracks and trails. With our perfect weather, nothing can surpass an exhilarating ride through Rawabi’s scenic hills. Suitable for all ages.

At the central WaDina plaza, children from tots to pre-teens can ride around on one of our rental mini-ATVs or bicycles on our large paved area dedicated to the younger generation. Both can be rented from the concession under the amphitheater.  Mini ATVs may be rented for children weighing up to 40 kgs (about 90 lbs).

At 700 meters (half a mile) in length, our zip line is the longest in the Middle East. Snap on your harness and helmet and zip down the ancient hills to the gentlest of base landings. A truly remarkable and unforgettable experience not to be missed. If you've ever dreamed of gliding down from a mountaintop to the valley below, this ride is for you.

This exciting version of a base jump will test your mettle as you leap from a 15-meter platform to the safety of a soft landing under the supervision of experienced guides.

Build strength, endurance and agility with regular trips to our 13-meter high climbing wall. A superb form of exercise, enthusiasts will make a Rawabi wall climb part of their weekly routine. There's nothing like the feeling of reaching the top!