The city of Rawabi was born of a strategic partnership forged between Massar International Chairman Bashar Masri and the State of Qatar. Built on a series of breathtaking hilltops north of Jerusalem and Ramallah, Rawabi overlooks the Mediterranean Sea to the west and the landscape of Palestine to the north and east.  As Palestine’s first master-planned city, Rawabi is an innovative approach to urban development, integrating best practices in planning, sustainability and resource conservation.  

The city will initially comprise roughly 6,000 housing units spread across 22 neighborhoods, eventually becoming home to more than 25,000 residents. Subsequent construction phases will bring the city’s population to 40,000.

Rawabi embraces elements of Palestine's architectural heritage and blends them into a sleek, modern design aesthetic. A bustling urban core anchors surrounding neighborhoods. The city center’s pedestrian promenade bursts with shopping and entertainment options. In the gleaming high-rise towers above, business incubators and growing enterprises support the nascent knowledge economy fueling the life of the city.

Every facet of day-to-day living has been considered in Rawabi’s master plan. Rawabi English Academy, the city’s first school, welcomed students in September 2016. A full complement of vital public services, including a regional hospital, urgent care clinics, emergency response stations and houses of worship are nearing completion. Residents already enjoy exciting entertainment at WaDina, Rawabi’s massive sports and recreation complex, featuring a Roman-style open-air theater complete with seating for 15,000.

For the hundreds of families currently living in the city, the dream of Rawabi has already come true. But with so many more exciting developments on the way, the best is yet to come!