Aspen Daily News - Richard C. Goodwin - There appeared an article in the Aspen Daily News on June 15 about a new Palestinian town, Rawabi, created by a Palestinian American, Bashar Masri. Three years ago on one of J Street’s peace missions to Israel and Palestine, we visited Rawabi while under construction. As a developer, I was very impressed with the design and much thoughtful planning.

At that time the future of Rawabi was in doubt. Here is how badly the Israelis treat the Palestinians: They knew from the get go water would be needed that Mr. Masri would pay for a main extension to Rawabi. Many requests were made to Israel that controls the water to the West Bank for approval of a water main.

Israel, as usual, kicked the can down the road. The Israeli government said it is up to the water authority to approve, when asked, when they will meet. The reply was that they don’t know, they haven’t met in years.

Finally, after international and American pressure, a small water main was permitted that will supply less than half of what is needed. I contacted three Israeli officials including the recent Israeli President, Simon Perez, all said the needed water was blocked by the “right wing” government.

Sad, but true.


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