Mako News - Ohad Hemo - The new Palestinian city launches the dwelling phase: more than 20 families have already received keys and entered to apartments they bought in the city of Rawabi, which is considered Palestinian copy of the Israeli city of Modi’in "near Ramallah”. A Four-room apartment costs about 700 thousand shekels, and two of the first neighborhoods have been sold in their entirety 

After More than six years, the life-long dream and target of Palestinian billionaire Al-Masri is taking shape. In recent weeks, after years of construction process which entailed delays, and faced obstacles, the largest of which was connecting the preplanned, modern Palestinian city to water resources, Life was installed in these stone buildings, and one can detect the first signs of life in it.

In the meantime, construction of the first two neighborhoods of Rawabi is complete, and currently 25 families already moved in to live here. "This is a unique project, one of a kind," says Amal, one of the city engineers. "The city is Palestinian, on Palestinian land, Palestinians built it and the Palestinians are the ones who come to live in it. It has the modernity that we live in the present rather than the past, but the soul is Palestinian."

The very presence of Amal, a young woman in her 30s, with a Master Degree, one of the city’s engineers, wife and manager in such patriarchal environment, says a lot about this project called Rawabi, and perhaps about the change undergone by our neighbors.

"We want to prove to everybody that if Palestinians are given the opportunity, they will build beautiful cities," she says, adding a new dimension to the national project.

Housing prices range from US $ 65 thousand for 95 square meters apartment, to US $ 140 thousand for a 120 square meters apartment. Buyers are Palestinians, including Israeli Palestinians or those living abroad, where some aim to reside and live in, while others merely for investment. Jews cannot buy apartments there.


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