Explore Instagram Online - Rawabi dream showroom wallpaper. Rawabi is the first entirely new city to be built in the West Bank, with 5,000 new homes for tens of thousands of families. Not without drama, ugly political battles for water rights (controlled by Israel) have recently found a resolution. The homes are particularly popular with East Jerusalemite Palestinians, whose lack of building options impedes housing options and space to breathe. Beautiful apartments with balconies and space, most families from East Jerusalem will not be able to live in them. If they move just a half-hour drive away, they will lose the rights to their homes, family, and access to East Jerusalem. So they treat it as an investment, and as a “vacation” home to find some space to relax. Photo by @habjouqa for @opensocietyfoundations #occupation #rawabi #westbank #dreamhomes #opensociety #humanrights #documentary #photojournalism


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