Globes magazine - Bashar Masri was born in Nablus. At the age of 14 he was arrested in demonstrations and finally moved to Egypt and from there to the United States. He studied in Virginia Chemical Engineering and worked in real estate investments. With two jeeps he turns everywhere. American in every respect, so all in the West Bank are jealous of him accusingly of course. Another nickname he earned which is even more interesting: " The Palestinian Montefiore."

His big project these days is Rawabi - the first Palestinian city. This is a high - tech city in all aspects, with a smart administration, WI-Fi and more. This city a high-quality city designed for the Palestinian technology. In contrast, the Israeli city Modi’in is ironically called a "city to sleep in it." But in Rawabi, according to the plans, there will be life beyond that. (beyond the sleep- incity) In 1991 he experienced trouble with the customs authorities, that ended in his expulsion to U.S..

This incident provoked anger at Israel, also angered some U.S. senators, and Masri himself filed a complaint on the matter in the USA. Several months ago Masri told "Globes" in the progression of the affair: "I got a call from someone who said he was from the Israeli Embassy and asked to meet ". Masri refused to visit the embassy and the meeting was set in a cafe. The man him to cancel the complaint and can go to Israel freely. That paved the way for him to arrive at the Palestinian Authority territory. 


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