Haber Center - Rafael Sadi - Ramallah, known as the cultural capital of Palestine, was a rival. Ramallah is a new city almost attached. His name is Rawabi. In this city, which is a fashion and fashion center, a new shopping mall was built. 
Neither shopping mall ... 

He will turn the sight of those who are astonished, until the lips will blow. Within the shopping mall are the stores of the world's most important brands and distinguished cafes.

Only 5 minutes away from Ramallah ...

Here are all the services that people need.

There are shops and cafes that have just opened. There are entertainment centers for children as well as the most important public markets.

Everything in life is relative. Until recently, Ramallah was considered the undisputed capital of shopping and fun in the West Bank.

Just three weeks ago, the situation changed and a rival emerged. 
A new sister is bourgeois and full of style. And it is particularly appealing.

Rawabi is not just a mall. At the same time Palestine is the most classy city, built with modern and sub-structure and excellent living conditions as an exemplary settlement center.

This city dreamed of an investor named Baser El Masri, who showed his money and offered it to the service of the Palestinian people.

The city looks like a bird's eye view:


Rawabi Amphitheater is not down from old Athens.

The city faces a very different face than the war and tear scenes we are accustomed to see in contemporary Palestinian media. I hope that you can spread the projects to every part of Palestine.


Israeli TV channel 2 Arabic reporter Ohad Hamo visited the newly opened Rawabi shopping center along with the cameraman. I am sure you will be pleased to see the prices and the entertainment center of the Palestinians in this brand-new paradise.


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