Israel Huete - NAI editorial - 

In Rawabi, the Palestinian planned city 9 kilometers north of Ramallah, the "Q-Center" has been opened. The Luxury Mall, so named because of its shape, is the new place where the Palestinians can buy Amani suits, Calvin Klein jeans, Lacoste polo shirts, and Michael Kors handbags. Many other brands will open branches there. The construction cost of the new shopping paradise is $ 450 million and will help the city of Rawabi become the "Silicon Valley" of the Palestinians.

The planned city of Rawabi is a giant project that has cost $ 1.4 billion to date. The city's founder, Palestinian businessman Bashar Masri, wanted to show that the Palestinians are capable of building a state. Rawabi is a modern city that is said to have between 25,000 and 40,000 inhabitants. The businessman Masri admits that his investment has so far made no profit, but he is sure that together with his partner, the government of Qatar, he will bring the project to a successful conclusion.

Rawabi has its own water treatment plant, its own schools and soon also its own hospital, all of which are privately owned. The Palestinian Authority has not invested a single dollar in the city of Rawabi, which is considered a model city for a future Palestinian state, and resembles a city-state.


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