La Prensa - Sebastián Sucre - Palestine gives us the surprise with the construction of the Utopian city or the future in its region and that is named Rawabi (hills) . This urban project is financed entirely by the Palestinian-American entrepreneur Bashar Masri without any support from the Palestinian Government. Inexplicably, at a given moment, the Government of Israel prevented the creation of potable water access and authorization routes.

Currently, 3,000 people live in this area of ​​what we call the upper middle class. And it increases. The "first stone" was placed in 2009 and it is not easy to describe the project and its architecture in such a short space as this one. However, I can list the outstanding achievements that are wanted and are being obtained:

Change in the lifestyle of the Palestinians.

Provide employment to thousands of Palestinians and give them hope for a better existence.

Show that Palestinians want to improve their quality of life.

Create luxury shopping centers.

Green parks

Cleaning, order and security. Respect for the law

The practice of all religions or rites is allowed freely and absolutely.

Curriculum schools (Cambridge model) that may be envious of more developed places.

The largest amphitheater in the region is already built.

Hospital and cultural centers.

Israeli companies have freedom and in effect obtain contracts for construction services in Rawabi. By the way, the inhabitants of the city do not pay Taxes.

The fundamental aspiration of Bashar Masri is to live in a country or Palestinian state free and absolute sovereign over its territories. It also hopes that Israel will not continue to arbitrarily occupy Palestinian territories and that they do not belong to it.

I think all the sensible people in the world want it. From what is described here, they imagine what Palestine and Israel can achieve in those parts by eliminating their differences in an honest way and without taking illegitimate advantages from each other.


                             The fundamental aspiration of Bashar Masri is to live in a country or a free Palestinian state.


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