GROW for a Greener Palestine

We can all enhance the beauty of the Palestinian landscape for future generations.

The Palestine of our parents’ generation was lush with fruit orchards and flowering trees - olive, oak, citrus, nut and evergreen varieties ornamented the Palestinian landscape. Today, however, the natural beauty of the land is being lost to the ravages of war, neglect, development and climate change.

To combat these forces and reclaim the beauty of our country, the young architects and engineers of Rawabi, the first Palestinian masterplanned city, founded GROW for a Greener Palestine. Through GROW, Palestinian students will work side-by-side with Rawabi’s environmental experts and landscape designers planting and incubating the trees that will eventually become an integral part of the Rawabi green landscape. Our goal is to inspire Palestinian children to celebrate and protect the natural world around them throughout their lives.

Yes!  I want to GROW a tree in Palestine!